Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you provide fishing equipment?

Yes,  we provide all the equipment needed for successful days on the water.

What fly rods should I bring?

A standard 9 foot 5 weight rod is the workhouse for our fisheries.

What time is check in / check out?

Check in, 3pm-5pm,  Check out, 10am.

Should I bring waders?

Yes, you might need them.  We suggest you bring them if you have them. If you do not, no problem, we have waders at the lodge for you to use.  Waders are useful in the boat for weather protection.

Do you have cell service at the Lodge?

Yes, but limited in certain areas of the property.  However, you may use the house phone in your cabin with free long-distance if your service is weak. In addition, turning on the Wifi calling option on your cell phone will help with service.

What airport do we fly into?

TRI CITIES REGIONAL AIRPORT (TRI)  We also offer a complimentary shuttle service for arrival and departure flights.

I have never fly fished, is this a problem?

Absolutely notwe welcome anglers of all levels of experience from beginner to expert.

What do guests typically tip their guide and lodge staff?

Recommended guide gratuity per full day of fishing is $100.00 per boat. For Lodge staff, we recommend 5%-10% of the total trip cost, to be given at the end of your stay.

What fishing license do I need?

This depends if you are a resident of Tennessee and your number of days fishing.  TN residents purchase a combo Hunt/Fish License and then add the resident trout stamp.  Non TN residents have the option of a 3 day, 10 day, or annual license.  

FYI – non residents must purchase the all species license to be legal to fish for trout.

Can I wade the South Holston?

Sure,  if water conditions are favorable.  If TVA is generating water there are NO wading opportunities, too much water and too dangerous. 
FYI – you will catch more fish from the boat than on foot. 

Do you allow pets?

Unfortunately we do not.  We are animal lovers here at the lodge, but have had some bad experiences.  In addition, this helps provide a safe environment for our guests with allergies.  We appreciate your understanding with this issue.