Since May 1st, 2020 we have been in full operation and continue to execute what we do best!  If you have visited SHRL in the past you have had the opportunity to experience our seamless all-inclusive program.  In light of our country’s current situation we have modified our process slightly.  We already have a spotless property but keeping you along with lodge staff, guides and our community safe is in the front of our minds.  High level disinfection steps on our property and cabins have been taken to keep everyone healthy.  For the foreseeable future please note the following changes:

  • Guests that arrive at SHRL will have their temperatures taken before accessing the property.  Guests that have a temperature of 100.4 or higher will not be permitted to stay at SHRL or utilize guide services, this has not been an issue.
  • SHRL employees and guides temperatures are checked daily.
  • All SHRL lodge staff will be wearing masks and gloves during their shift.  We encourage guests to wear a mask or a BUFF when around other guests, staff members and guides.
  • Daily housekeeping will be modified.  Staff members will refrain from entering your bathroom and making your bed. Staff will still stock drinks, clean coffee pot and all dishes.  Please place used towels outside the cabin door for daily laundry service.
  • Sitting around the old barn wood table swapping stories and telling fish tales during breakfast and dinner is such a vital part of the SHRL experience.  We thought at this time it would be best to create some physical distance during meal times.
  • Breakfast will be delivered to your cabin at 7am.  Dishes will be removed after guides have picked you up to go fishing.
  • Dinner will be delivered to your cabin in courses starting at 6:30pm with our signature charcuterie tray.  Dinner will conclude between 7:30 – 8pm with the removal of dessert dishes.  Outline of breakfast and dinner time frame will be posted in each cabin for your convenience. 
  • YOU ARE NOT ISOLATED TO YOUR CABIN!!  Please move around the property as you wish but practice physical distancing as recommended.  The fire pit is a great option in the evening.

These changes will not jeopardize what you have come to know and love at the South Holston River Lodge. 

Our reputation for scrumptious meals, flawless hospitality and the world class fly fishing remains intact.